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Facilities at our hospitals

Netra Jyoti Kendra is a multilocation chain of eye hospitals our hospitals have well appointed interiors and well trained staff.

The hospital could be divided into Out Patient Department (OPD) and the OT (Operation Theater).

Our OT is state of the art with stainless steel interiors and HEPA filters and laminar airflow.  These features significantly redcue the risk of infections that may occur during eye surgeries.

Please view our picture gallery to see our hospitals.

We have the following equipments available for us to help in diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

S.No.  Instruments  Use  Disease
1  Slit lamp  Ocular examination  
2  Applanation tonometer  IOP check  Glaucoma  
3  Corneal Topographer  Corneal mapping  Keratoconus and other corneal degenerative conditions, LASIK evaluation  
4 Optical Coherence Tomographer- Heidelberg Retinal and optic nerve imaging and analysis Retinal disease and Glaucoma evaluation  
5  Visual Field Analyzer  Visual Field assessment  Glaucoma, neuro related pathologies, drug toxicity